Academic Writing Assistant
Developed at the Leuven Language Institute


Do you story and analyse my text?

No, we do not archive texts. Should we change this in the future, for instance to collect data for research purposes, all users will be notified.

Do you keep a backup of my text?

We do not, which means that if the internet connection is lost, you lose your text. It’s therefore a good idea to copy-paste your text into a text editor regularly.

Will the AWA be further developed?

Yes, we add new data regularly. We keep working on error identification and on implementing information from the parser we use. At the moment, we’re also exploring the possibilities offered by n-grams and neural networks.

What can I do if I have any suggestions or comments?

Some features of the Academic Writing Assistant still need to be fine-tuned. We therefore welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving the tool (

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